Profile Management

Managing a professional football player’s public image is crucial for success and reputation. At ASE Management, we provide comprehensive profile management services to ensure that our clients’ public image is carefully cultivated and protected.
Our services include:

  • Media relations: We foster positive relationships with media outlets, journalists, and press representatives to ensure our clients receive fair and accurate media coverage.
  • Crisis management: In the event of negative publicity or media crises, we provide strategic guidance and support to protect our clients’ reputation and navigate the situation effectively.
  • Public appearances: We manage our clients’ public appearances, ensuring they make strategic and impactful appearances at events, press conferences, and other relevant occasions.
  • Image consulting: Our team of experts provides advice and guidance on personal grooming, styling, and overall image enhancement to ensure our clients project a professional and polished image.


By meticulously managing our clients’ public image, we help them maintain a positive reputation, build strong relationships with the media and fans, and create a lasting impact in the football industry.