Speed and Performance

ASE Speed & Performance Centre was established in 1997, our unique training system is delivered through the T.A.P.E.S system and is renowned for helping some of the world’s best footballers and sports elite, THE TEAM is equally impressive and is made up of an outstanding list of highly qualified professionals, specializing in developing and working with athletes from various sports, including football, with backgrounds from some of the world’s leading teams such as Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC and THFC, we lead the way in Speed & Performance.

The Legacy

With a rich history spanning over three decades, ASE Speed & Performance Centre has solidified its position as a world leader in elite sports performance. Their training programs and methodologies have been refined over the years, drawing on the expertise of their experienced coaches, trainers, and sports scientists.

Performance Excellence

At ASE Speed & Performance we are committed to helping athletes achieve peak performance through our comprehensive and holistic approach, our training programs are designed to enhance speed, agility, strength, endurance, and overall athletic performance integrating cutting-edge techniques, evidence-based methodologies, and individualized coaching to deliver exceptional results.

Specialization in Football
With our deep understanding of the specific demands and nuances of football, ASE is well-equipped to support football players in reaching new heights with our bespoke and tailored training regimens focus on improving speed, acceleration, agility, power, and match-specific conditioning, we also work closely with players to enhance their technical skills, decision-making abilities, and game intelligence, ensuring they have a competitive edge on the field.

Global Reach

ASE has established a strong presence worldwide, successfully adapting our training programs to different cultures and environments. Through our global network of training centers, and providing athletes with access to world-class facilities, expert coaching, and a supportive training environment, we cater to athletes of all levels, from aspiring talents to seasoned professionals, fostering growth and development across the globe.

ASE Speed & Performance Centers, creating opportunities for excellence to excel,